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“The Dothraki sea,” Ser Jorah Mormont said as he reined1 to a halt beside her on the top of theridge. Beneath them, the plain stretched out immense and empty, a vast flat expanse that reached tothe distant horizon and beyond. It was a sea, Dany thought. Past here, there were no hills, nomountains, no trees nor cities nor roads, only the endless grasses, the tall blades rippling3 like waveswhen the winds blew. “It’s so green,” she said.

“Here and now,” Ser Jorah agreed. “You ought to see it when it blooms, all dark red flowers fromhorizon to horizon, like a sea of blood. Come the dry season, and the world turns the color of oldbronze. And this is only hranna, child. There are a hundred kinds of grass out there, grasses as yellowas lemon and as dark as indigo4, blue grasses and orange grasses and grasses like rainbows. Down inthe Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, they say there are oceans of ghost grass, taller than a man onhorseback with stalks as pale as milkglass. It murders all other grass and glows in the dark with thespirits of the damned. The Dothraki claim that someday ghost grass will cover the entire world, andthen all life will end.”

That thought gave Dany the shivers. “I don’t want to talk about that now,” she said. “It’s sobeautiful here, I don’t want to think about everything dying.”

“As you will, Khaleesi,” Ser Jorah said respectfully.

She heard the sound of voices and turned to look behind her. She and Mormont had outdistancedthe rest of their party, and now the others were climbing the ridge2 below them. Her handmaid Irri andthe young archers5 of her khas were fluid as centaurs6, but Viserys still struggled with the short stirrupsand the flat saddle. Her brother was miserable7 out here. He ought never have come. Magister Illyriohad urged him to wait in Pentos, had offered him the hospitality of his manse, but Viserys would havenone of it. He would stay with Drogo until the debt had been paid, until he had the crown he had beenpromised. “And if he tries to cheat me, he will learn to his sorrow what it means to wake the dragon,”

Viserys had vowed8, laying a hand on his borrowed sword. Illyrio had blinked at that and wished himgood fortune.

Dany realized that she did not want to listen to any of her brother’s complaints right now. The daywas too perfect. The sky was a deep blue, and high above them a hunting hawk10 circled. The grass seaswayed and sighed with each breath of wind, the air was warm on her face, and Dany felt at peace.

She would not let Viserys spoil it.

“Wait here,” Dany told Ser Jorah. “Tell them all to stay. Tell them I command it.”

The knight11 smiled. Ser Jorah was not a handsome man. He had a neck and shoulders like a bull,and coarse black hair covered his arms and chest so thickly that there was none left for his head. Yethis smiles gave Dany comfort. “You are learning to talk like a queen, Daenerys.”

“Not a queen,” said Dany. “A khaleesi.” She wheeled her horse about and galloped13 down theridge alone.

The descent was steep and rocky, but Dany rode fearlessly, and the joy and the danger of it were asong in her heart. All her life Viserys had told her she was a princess, but not until she rode her silverhad Daenerys Targaryen ever felt like one.

At first it had not come easy. The khalasar had broken camp the morning after her wedding,moving east toward Vaes Dothrak, and by the third day Dany thought she was going to die. Saddlesores opened on her bottom, hideous14 and bloody15. Her thighs16 were chafed17 raw, her hands blistered from the reins18, the muscles of her legs and back so wracked with pain that she could scarcely sit.

By the time dusk fell, her handmaids would need to help her down from her mount.

Even the nights brought no relief. Khal Drogo ignored her when they rode, even as he had ignoredher during their wedding, and spent his evenings drinking with his warriors19 and bloodriders, racinghis prize horses, watching women dance and men die. Dany had no place in these parts of his life. Shewas left to sup alone, or with Ser Jorah and her brother, and afterward20 to cry herself to sleep. Yetevery night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, toride her as relentlessly21 as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, forwhich Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and shecould use her pillow to muffle22 her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes andbegin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised23 and sore, hurting too much forsleep.

Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a momentlonger. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided24 one night …Yet when she slept that night, she dreamt the dragon dream again. Viserys was not in it this time.

There was only her and the dragon. Its scales were black as night, wet and slick with blood. Herblood, Dany sensed. Its eyes were pools of molten magma, and when it opened its mouth, the flamecame roaring out in a hot jet. She could hear it singing to her. She opened her arms to the fire,embraced it, let it swallow her whole, let it cleanse25 her and temper her and scour26 her clean. She couldfeel her flesh sear and blacken and slough27 away, could feel her blood boil and turn to steam, and yetthere was no pain. She felt strong and new and fierce.

And the next day, strangely, she did not seem to hurt quite so much. It was as if the gods had heardher and taken pity. Even her handmaids noticed the change. “Khaleesi,” Jhiqui said, “what is wrong?

Are you sick?”

“I was,” she answered, standing28 over the dragon’s eggs that Illyrio had given her when she wed9.

She touched one, the largest of the three, running her hand lightly over the shell. Black-and-scarlet29,she thought, like the dragon in my dream. The stone felt strangely warm beneath her fingers … or wasshe still dreaming? She pulled her hand back nervously30.

From that hour onward31, each day was easier than the one before it. Her legs grew stronger; herblisters burst and her hands grew callused; her soft thighs toughened, supple32 as leather.

The khal had commanded the handmaid Irri to teach Dany to ride in the Dothraki fashion, but itwas the filly who was her real teacher. The horse seemed to know her moods, as if they shared asingle mind. With every passing day, Dany felt surer in her seat. The Dothraki were a hard andunsentimental people, and it was not their custom to name their animals, so Dany thought of her onlyas the silver. She had never loved anything so much.

As the riding became less an ordeal33, Dany began to notice the beauties of the land around her. Sherode at the head of the khalasar with Drogo and his bloodriders, so she came to each country freshand unspoiled. Behind them the great horde34 might tear the earth and muddy the rivers and send upclouds of choking dust, but the fields ahead of them were always green and verdant35.

They crossed the rolling hills of Norvos, past terraced farms and small villages where the townsfolkwatched anxiously from atop white stucco walls. They forded three wide placid36 rivers and a fourththat was swift and narrow and treacherous37, camped beside a high blue waterfall, skirted the tumbledruins of a vast dead city where ghosts were said to moan among blackened marble columns. Theyraced down Valyrian roads a thousand years old and straight as a Dothraki arrow. For half a moon,they rode through the Forest of Qohor, where the leaves made a golden canopy38 high above them, andthe trunks of the trees were as wide as city gates. There were great elk39 in that wood, and spottedtigers, and lemurs with silver fur and huge purple eyes, but all fled before the approach of thekhalasar and Dany got no glimpse of them.

By then her agony was a fading memory. She still ached after a long day’s riding, yet somehow thepain had a sweetness to it now, and each morning she came willingly to her saddle, eager to knowwhat wonders waited for her in the lands ahead. She began to find pleasure even in her nights, and ifshe still cried out when Drogo took her, it was not always in pain.

At the bottom of the ridge, the grasses rose around her, tall and supple. Dany slowed to a trot40 androde out onto the plain, losing herself in the green, blessedly alone. In the khalasar she was neveralone. Khal Drogo came to her only after the sun went down, but her handmaids fed her and bathed her and slept by the door of her tent, Drogo’s bloodriders and the men of her khas were never far,and her brother was an unwelcome shadow, day and night. Dany could hear him on the top of theridge, his voice shrill41 with anger as he shouted at Ser Jorah. She rode on, submerging herself deeper inthe Dothraki sea.

The green swallowed her up. The air was rich with the scents42 of earth and grass, mixed with thesmell of horseflesh and Dany’s sweat and the oil in her hair. Dothraki smells. They seemed to belonghere. Dany breathed it all in, laughing. She had a sudden urge to feel the ground beneath her, to curlher toes in that thick black soil. Swinging down from her saddle, she let the silver graze while shepulled off her high boots.

Viserys came upon her as sudden as a summer storm, his horse rearing beneath him as he reined uptoo hard. “You dare!” he screamed at her. “You give commands to me? To me?” He vaulted43 off thehorse, stumbling as he landed. His face was flushed as he struggled back to his feet. He grabbed her,shook her. “Have you forgotten who you are? Look at you. Look at you!”

Dany did not need to look. She was barefoot, with oiled hair, wearing Dothraki riding leathers anda painted vest given her as a bride gift. She looked as though she belonged here. Viserys was soiledand stained in city silks and ringmail.

He was still screaming. “You do not command the dragon. Do you understand? I am the Lord ofthe Seven Kingdoms, I will not hear orders from some horselord’s slut, do you hear me?” His handwent under her vest, his fingers digging painfully into her breast. “Do you hear me?”

Dany shoved him away, hard.

Viserys stared at her, his lilac eyes incredulous. She had never defied him. Never fought back.

Rage twisted his features. He would hurt her now, and badly, she knew that.


The whip made a sound like thunder. The coil took Viserys around the throat and yanked himbackward. He went sprawling44 in the grass, stunned45 and choking. The Dothraki riders hooted46 at him ashe struggled to free himself. The one with the whip, young Jhogo, rasped a question. Dany did notunderstand his words, but by then Irri was there, and Ser Jorah, and the rest of her khas. “Jhogo asksif you would have him dead, Khaleesi,” Irri said.

“No,” Dany replied. “No.”

Jhogo understood that. One of the others barked out a comment, and the Dothraki laughed. Irri toldher, “Quaro thinks you should take an ear to teach him respect.”

Her brother was on his knees, his fingers digging under the leather coils, crying incoherently,struggling for breath. The whip was tight around his windpipe.

“Tell them I do not wish him harmed,” Dany said.

Irri repeated her words in Dothraki. Jhogo gave a pull on the whip, yanking Viserys around like apuppet on a string. He went sprawling again, freed from the leather embrace, a thin line of bloodunder his chin where the whip had cut deep.

“I warned him what would happen, my lady,” Ser Jorah Mormont said. “I told him to stay on theridge, as you commanded.”

“I know you did,” Dany replied, watching Viserys. He lay on the ground, sucking in air noisily,red-faced and sobbing47. He was a pitiful thing. He had always been a pitiful thing. Why had she neverseen that before? There was a hollow place inside her where her fear had been.

“Take his horse,” Dany commanded Ser Jorah. Viserys gaped48 at her. He could not believe what hewas hearing; nor could Dany quite believe what she was saying. Yet the words came. “Let my brotherwalk behind us back to the khalasar.” Among the Dothraki, the man who does not ride was no man atall, the lowest of the low, without honor or pride. “Let everyone see him as he is.”

“No!” Viserys screamed. He turned to Ser Jorah, pleading in the Common Tongue with words thehorsemen would not understand. “Hit her, Mormont. Hurt her. Your king commands it. Kill theseDothraki dogs and teach her.”

The exile knight looked from Dany to her brother; she barefoot, with dirt between her toes and oilin her hair, he with his silks and steel. Dany could see the decision on his face. “He shall walk,Khaleesi,” he said. He took her brother’s horse in hand while Dany remounted her silver.

Viserys gaped at him, and sat down in the dirt. He kept his silence, but he would not move, and hiseyes were full of poison as they rode away. Soon he was lost in the tall grass. When they could notsee him anymore, Dany grew afraid. “Will he find his way back?” she asked Ser Jorah as they rode.

“Even a man as blind as your brother should be able to follow our trail,” he replied.

“He is proud. He may be too shamed to come back.”

Jorah laughed. “Where else should he go? If he cannot find the khalasar, the khalasar will mostsurely find him. It is hard to drown in the Dothraki sea, child.”

Dany saw the truth of that. The khalasar was like a city on the march, but it did not march blindly.

Always scouts49 ranged far ahead of the main column, alert for any sign of game or prey50 or enemies,while outriders guarded their flanks. They missed nothing, not here, in this land, the place where theyhad come from. These plains were a part of them … and of her, now.

“I hit him,” she said, wonder in her voice. Now that it was over, it seemed like some strangedream that she had dreamed. “Ser Jorah, do you think … he’ll be so angry when he gets back …” Sheshivered. “I woke the dragon, didn’t I?”

Ser Jorah snorted. “Can you wake the dead, girl? Your brother Rhaegar was the last dragon, and hedied on the Trident. Viserys is less than the shadow of a snake.”

His blunt words startled her. It seemed as though all the things she had always believed weresuddenly called into question. “You … you swore him your sword …”

“That I did, girl,” Ser Jorah said. “And if your brother is the shadow of a snake, what does thatmake his servants?” His voice was bitter.

“He is still the true king. He is …”

Jorah pulled up his horse and looked at her. “Truth now. Would you want to see Viserys sit athrone?”

Dany thought about that. “He would not be a very good king, would he?”

“There have been worse … but not many.” The knight gave his heels to his mount and started offagain.

Dany rode close beside him. “Still,” she said, “the common people are waiting for him. MagisterIllyrio says they are sewing dragon banners and praying for Viserys to return from across the narrowsea to free them.”

“The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends,” Ser Jorahtold her. “It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left inpeace.” He gave a shrug51. “They never are.”

Dany rode along quietly for a time, working his words like a puzzle box. It went against everythingthat Viserys had ever told her to think that the people could care so little whether a true king or ausurper reigned53 over them. Yet the more she thought on Jorah’s words, the more they rang of truth.

“What do you pray for, Ser Jorah?” she asked him.

“Home,” he said. His voice was thick with longing54.

“I pray for home too,” she told him, believing it.

Ser Jorah laughed. “Look around you then, Khaleesi.”

But it was not the plains Dany saw then. It was King’s Landing and the great Red Keep that Aegonthe Conqueror55 had built. It was Dragonstone where she had been born. In her mind’s eye they burnedwith a thousand lights, a fire blazing in every window. In her mind’s eye, all the doors were red.

“My brother will never take back the Seven Kingdoms,” Dany said. She had known that for a longtime, she realized. She had known it all her life. Only she had never let herself say the words, even ina whisper, but now she said them for Jorah Mormont and all the world to hear.

Ser Jorah gave her a measuring look. “You think not.”

“He could not lead an army even if my lord husband gave him one,” Dany said. “He has no coinand the only knight who follows him reviles56 him as less than a snake. The Dothraki make mock of hisweakness. He will never take us home.”

“Wise child.” The knight smiled.

“I am no child,” she told him fiercely. Her heels pressed into the sides of her mount, rousing thesilver to a gallop12. Faster and faster she raced, leaving Jorah and Irri and the others far behind, thewarm wind in her hair and the setting sun red on her face. By the time she reached the khalasar, itwas dusk.

The slaves had erected57 her tent by the shore of a spring-fed pool. She could hear rough voices fromthe woven grass palace on the hill. Soon there would be laughter, when the men of her khas told thestory of what had happened in the grasses today. By the time Viserys came limping back among them, every man, woman, and child in the camp would know him for a walker. There were no secrets inthe khalasar.

Dany gave the silver over to the slaves for grooming58 and entered her tent. It was cool and dimbeneath the silk. As she let the door flap close behind her, Dany saw a finger of dusty red light reachout to touch her dragon’s eggs across the tent. For an instant a thousand droplets59 of scarlet flameswam before her eyes. She blinked, and they were gone.

Stone, she told herself. They are only stone, even Illyrio said so, the dragons are all dead. She puther palm against the black egg, fingers spread gently across the curve of the shell. The stone waswarm. Almost hot. “The sun,” Dany whispered. “The sun warmed them as they rode.”

She commanded her handmaids to prepare her a bath. Doreah built a fire outside the tent, while Irriand Jhiqui fetched the big copper60 tub—another bride gift—from the packhorses and carried waterfrom the pool. When the bath was steaming, Irri helped her into it and climbed in after her.

“Have you ever seen a dragon?” she asked as Irri scrubbed her back and Jhiqui sluiced61 sand fromher hair. She had heard that the first dragons had come from the east, from the Shadow Lands beyondAsshai and the islands of the Jade62 Sea. Perhaps some were still living there, in realms strange andwild.

“Dragons are gone, Khaleesi,” Irri said.

“Dead,” agreed Jhiqui. “Long and long ago.”

Viserys had told her that the last Targaryen dragons had died no more than a century and a halfago, during the reign52 of Aegon III, who was called the Dragonbane. That did not seem so long ago toDany. “Everywhere?” she said, disappointed. “Even in the east?” Magic had died in the west whenthe Doom63 fell on Valyria and the Lands of the Long Summer, and neither spell-forged steel norstormsingers nor dragons could hold it back, but Dany had always heard that the east was different. Itwas said that manticores prowled the islands of the Jade Sea, that basilisks infested64 the jungles of YiTi, that spellsingers, warlocks, and aeromancers practiced their arts openly in Asshai, whileshadowbinders and bloodmages worked terrible sorceries in the black of night. Why shouldn’t therebe dragons too?

“No dragon,” Irri said. “Brave men kill them, for dragon terrible evil beasts. It is known.”

“It is known,” agreed Jhiqui.

“A trader from Qarth once told me that dragons came from the moon,” blond Doreah said as shewarmed a towel over the fire. Jhiqui and Irri were of an age with Dany, Dothraki girls taken as slaveswhen Drogo destroyed their father’s khalasar. Doreah was older, almost twenty. Magister Illyrio hadfound her in a pleasure house in Lys.

Silvery-wet hair tumbled across her eyes as Dany turned her head, curious. “The moon?”

“He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi,” the Lysene girl said. “Once there were two moonsin the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousanddragons poured forth65, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day theother moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return.”

The two Dothraki girls giggled66 and laughed. “You are foolish strawhead slave,” Irri said. “Moon isno egg. Moon is god, woman wife of sun. It is known.”

“It is known,” Jhiqui agreed.

Dany’s skin was flushed and pink when she climbed from the tub. Jhiqui laid her down to oil herbody and scrape the dirt from her pores. Afterward Irri sprinkled her with spiceflower and cinnamon.

While Doreah brushed her hair until it shone like spun67 silver, she thought about the moon, and eggs,and dragons.

Her supper was a simple meal of fruit and cheese and fry bread, with a jug68 of honeyed wine towash it down. “Doreah, stay and eat with me,” Dany commanded when she sent her other handmaidsaway. The Lysene girl had hair the color of honey, and eyes like the summer sky.

She lowered those eyes when they were alone. “You honor me, Khaleesi,” she said, but it was nohonor, only service. Long after the moon had risen, they sat together, talking.

That night, when Khal Drogo came, Dany was waiting for him. He stood in the door of her tent andlooked at her with surprise. She rose slowly and opened her sleeping silks and let them fall to theground. “This night we must go outside, my lord,” she told him, for the Dothraki believed that allthings of importance in a man’s life must be done beneath the open sky.

Khal Drogo followed her out into the moonlight, the bells in his hair tinkling69 softly. A few yards from her tent was a bed of soft grass, and it was there that Dany drew him down. When he tried toturn her over, she put a hand on his chest. “No,” she said. “This night I would look on your face.”

There is no privacy in the heart of the khalasar. Dany felt the eyes on her as she undressed him,heard the soft voices as she did the things that Doreah had told her to do. It was nothing to her. Wasshe not khaleesi? His were the only eyes that mattered, and when she mounted him she sawsomething there that she had never seen before. She rode him as fiercely as ever she had ridden hersilver, and when the moment of his pleasure came, Khal Drogo called out her name.

They were on the far side of the Dothraki sea when Jhiqui brushed the soft swell70 of Dany’sstomach with her fingers and said, “Khaleesi, you are with child.”

“I know,” Dany told her.

It was her fourteenth name day.


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勒缰绳使(马)停步( rein的过去式和过去分词 ); 驾驭; 严格控制; 加强管理
  • Then, all of a sudden, he reined up his tired horse. 这时,他突然把疲倦的马勒住了。
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  • She pulled gently on the reins. 她轻轻地拉着缰绳。
  • The government has imposed strict reins on the import of luxury goods. 政府对奢侈品的进口有严格的控制手段。
19 warriors 3116036b00d464eee673b3a18dfe1155     
武士,勇士,战士( warrior的名词复数 )
  • I like reading the stories ofancient warriors. 我喜欢读有关古代武士的故事。
  • The warriors speared the man to death. 武士们把那个男子戳死了。
20 afterward fK6y3     
  • Let's go to the theatre first and eat afterward. 让我们先去看戏,然后吃饭。
  • Afterward,the boy became a very famous artist.后来,这男孩成为一个很有名的艺术家。
21 relentlessly Rk4zSD     
  • The African sun beat relentlessly down on his aching head. 非洲的太阳无情地照射在他那发痛的头上。
  • He pursued her relentlessly, refusing to take 'no' for an answer. 他锲而不舍地追求她,拒不接受“不”的回答。
22 muffle gFjxn     
  • Mother made an effort to muffle her emotions.母亲努力控制自己的感情。
  • I put my hand over my mouth to muffle my words,so only my friend could hear. 我把手挡在嘴上,遮住声音,仅让我的朋友听到。
23 bruised 5xKz2P     
  • his bruised and bloodied nose 他沾满血的青肿的鼻子
  • She had slipped and badly bruised her face. 她滑了一跤,摔得鼻青脸肿。
24 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
25 cleanse 7VoyT     
  • Health experts are trying to cleanse the air in cities. 卫生专家们正设法净化城市里的空气。
  • Fresh fruit juices can also cleanse your body and reduce dark circles.新鲜果汁同样可以清洁你的身体,并对黑眼圈同样有抑制作用。
26 scour oDvzj     
  • Mother made me scour the family silver.母亲让我擦洗家里的银器。
  • We scoured the telephone directory for clues.我们仔细查阅电话簿以寻找线索。
27 slough Drhyo     
  • He was not able to slough off the memories of the past.他无法忘记过去。
  • A cicada throws its slough.蝉是要蜕皮的。
28 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
29 scarlet zD8zv     
  • The scarlet leaves of the maples contrast well with the dark green of the pines.深红的枫叶和暗绿的松树形成了明显的对比。
  • The glowing clouds are growing slowly pale,scarlet,bright red,and then light red.天空的霞光渐渐地淡下去了,深红的颜色变成了绯红,绯红又变为浅红。
30 nervously tn6zFp     
  • He bit his lip nervously,trying not to cry.他紧张地咬着唇,努力忍着不哭出来。
  • He paced nervously up and down on the platform.他在站台上情绪不安地走来走去。
31 onward 2ImxI     
  • The Yellow River surges onward like ten thousand horses galloping.黄河以万马奔腾之势滚滚向前。
  • He followed in the steps of forerunners and marched onward.他跟随着先辈的足迹前进。
32 supple Hrhwt     
  • She gets along well with people because of her supple nature.她与大家相处很好,因为她的天性柔和。
  • He admired the graceful and supple movements of the dancers.他赞扬了舞蹈演员优雅灵巧的舞姿。
33 ordeal B4Pzs     
  • She managed to keep her sanity throughout the ordeal.在那场磨难中她始终保持神志正常。
  • Being lost in the wilderness for a week was an ordeal for me.在荒野里迷路一星期对我来说真是一场磨难。
34 horde 9dLzL     
  • A horde of children ran over the office building.一大群孩子在办公大楼里到处奔跑。
  • Two women were quarrelling on the street,surrounded by horde of people.有两个妇人在街上争吵,被一大群人围住了。
35 verdant SihwM     
  • Children are playing on the verdant lawn.孩子们在绿茵茵的草坪上嬉戏玩耍。
  • The verdant mountain forest turns red gradually in the autumn wind.苍翠的山林在秋风中渐渐变红了。
36 placid 7A1yV     
  • He had been leading a placid life for the past eight years.八年来他一直过着平静的生活。
  • You should be in a placid mood and have a heart-to- heart talk with her.你应该心平气和的好好和她谈谈心。
37 treacherous eg7y5     
  • The surface water made the road treacherous for drivers.路面的积水对驾车者构成危险。
  • The frozen snow was treacherous to walk on.在冻雪上行走有潜在危险。
38 canopy Rczya     
  • The trees formed a leafy canopy above their heads.树木在他们头顶上空形成了一个枝叶茂盛的遮篷。
  • They lay down under a canopy of stars.他们躺在繁星点点的天幕下。
39 elk 2ZVzA     
  • I was close enough to the elk to hear its labored breathing.我离那头麋鹿非常近,能听见它吃力的呼吸声。
  • The refuge contains the largest wintering population of elk in the world.这座庇护所有着世界上数量最大的冬季麋鹿群。
40 trot aKBzt     
n.疾走,慢跑;n.老太婆;现成译本;(复数)trots:腹泻(与the 连用);v.小跑,快步走,赶紧
  • They passed me at a trot.他们从我身边快步走过。
  • The horse broke into a brisk trot.马突然快步小跑起来。
41 shrill EEize     
  • Whistles began to shrill outside the barn.哨声开始在谷仓外面尖叫。
  • The shrill ringing of a bell broke up the card game on the cutter.刺耳的铃声打散了小汽艇的牌局。
42 scents 9d41e056b814c700bf06c9870b09a332     
n.香水( scent的名词复数 );气味;(动物的)臭迹;(尤指狗的)嗅觉
  • The air was fragrant with scents from the sea and the hills. 空气中荡漾着山和海的芬芳气息。
  • The winds came down with scents of the grass and wild flowers. 微风送来阵阵青草和野花的香气。 来自《简明英汉词典》
43 vaulted MfjzTA     
  • She vaulted over the gate and ran up the path. 她用手一撑跃过栅栏门沿着小路跑去。
  • The formal living room has a fireplace and vaulted ceilings. 正式的客厅有一个壁炉和拱形天花板。
44 sprawling 3ff3e560ffc2f12f222ef624d5807902     
adj.蔓生的,不规则地伸展的v.伸开四肢坐[躺]( sprawl的现在分词 );蔓延;杂乱无序地拓展;四肢伸展坐着(或躺着)
  • He was sprawling in an armchair in front of the TV. 他伸开手脚坐在电视机前的一张扶手椅上。
  • a modern sprawling town 一座杂乱无序拓展的现代城镇
45 stunned 735ec6d53723be15b1737edd89183ec2     
adj. 震惊的,惊讶的 动词stun的过去式和过去分词
  • The fall stunned me for a moment. 那一下摔得我昏迷了片刻。
  • The leaders of the Kopper Company were then stunned speechless. 科伯公司的领导们当时被惊得目瞪口呆。
46 hooted 8df924a716d9d67e78a021e69df38ba5     
(使)作汽笛声响,作汽车喇叭声( hoot的过去式和过去分词 )
  • An owl hooted nearby. 一只猫头鹰在附近啼叫。
  • The crowd hooted and jeered at the speaker. 群众向那演讲人发出轻蔑的叫嚣和嘲笑。
47 sobbing df75b14f92e64fc9e1d7eaf6dcfc083a     
<主方>Ⅰ adj.湿透的
  • I heard a child sobbing loudly. 我听见有个孩子在呜呜地哭。
  • Her eyes were red with recent sobbing. 她的眼睛因刚哭过而发红。
48 gaped 11328bb13d82388ec2c0b2bf7af6f272     
v.目瞪口呆地凝视( gape的过去式和过去分词 );张开,张大
  • A huge chasm gaped before them. 他们面前有个巨大的裂痕。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The front door was missing. A hole gaped in the roof. 前门不翼而飞,屋顶豁开了一个洞。 来自辞典例句
49 scouts e6d47327278af4317aaf05d42afdbe25     
侦察员[机,舰]( scout的名词复数 ); 童子军; 搜索; 童子军成员
  • to join the Scouts 参加童子军
  • The scouts paired off and began to patrol the area. 巡逻人员两个一组,然后开始巡逻这个地区。
50 prey g1czH     
  • Stronger animals prey on weaker ones.弱肉强食。
  • The lion was hunting for its prey.狮子在寻找猎物。
51 shrug Ry3w5     
  • With a shrug,he went out of the room.他耸一下肩,走出了房间。
  • I admire the way she is able to shrug off unfair criticism.我很佩服她能对错误的批评意见不予理会。
52 reign pBbzx     
  • The reign of Queen Elizabeth lapped over into the seventeenth century.伊丽莎白王朝延至17世纪。
  • The reign of Zhu Yuanzhang lasted about 31 years.朱元璋统治了大约三十一年。
53 reigned d99f19ecce82a94e1b24a320d3629de5     
  • Silence reigned in the hall. 全场肃静。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Night was deep and dead silence reigned everywhere. 夜深人静,一片死寂。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
54 longing 98bzd     
  • Hearing the tune again sent waves of longing through her.再次听到那首曲子使她胸中充满了渴望。
  • His heart burned with longing for revenge.他心中燃烧着急欲复仇的怒火。
55 conqueror PY3yI     
  • We shall never yield to a conqueror.我们永远不会向征服者低头。
  • They abandoned the city to the conqueror.他们把那个城市丢弃给征服者。
56 reviles b00d10241a53a9d949b718875ffef1f1     
v.辱骂,痛斥( revile的第三人称单数 )
  • He boasts of the cravings of his heart; he blesses the greedy and reviles the LORD. 因为恶人以心愿自夸。贪财的背弃耶和华,并且轻慢他(或作他祝福贪财的,却轻慢耶和华)。 来自互联网
adj. 直立的,竖立的,笔直的 vt. 使 ... 直立,建立
  • A monument to him was erected in St Paul's Cathedral. 在圣保罗大教堂为他修了一座纪念碑。
  • A monument was erected to the memory of that great scientist. 树立了一块纪念碑纪念那位伟大的科学家。
58 grooming grooming     
n. 修饰, 美容,(动物)梳理毛发
  • You should always pay attention to personal grooming. 你应随时注意个人仪容。
  • We watched two apes grooming each other. 我们看两只猩猩在互相理毛。
59 droplets 3c55b5988da2d40be7a87f6b810732d2     
n.小滴( droplet的名词复数 )
  • Droplets of sweat were welling up on his forehead. 他额头上冒出了滴滴汗珠。 来自辞典例句
  • In constrast, exhaled smoke contains relatively large water droplets and appears white. 相反,从人嘴里呼出的烟则包含相当大的水滴,所以呈白色。 来自辞典例句
60 copper HZXyU     
  • The students are asked to prove the purity of copper.要求学生们检验铜的纯度。
  • Copper is a good medium for the conduction of heat and electricity.铜是热和电的良导体。
61 sluiced 63b3c180c65d5edf6da5cdc579d7dab7     
v.冲洗( sluice的过去式和过去分词 );(指水)喷涌而出;漂净;给…安装水闸
  • The sailors sluiced the deck with hoses. 水手们用水龙带冲洗甲板。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • He sluiced the bath and filled it with water. 他冲洗了浴缸,然后放满了一缸水。 来自辞典例句
62 jade i3Pxo     
  • The statue was carved out of jade.这座塑像是玉雕的。
  • He presented us with a couple of jade lions.他送给我们一对玉狮子。
63 doom gsexJ     
  • The report on our economic situation is full of doom and gloom.这份关于我们经济状况的报告充满了令人绝望和沮丧的调子。
  • The dictator met his doom after ten years of rule.独裁者统治了十年终于完蛋了。
64 infested f7396944f0992504a7691e558eca6411     
adj.为患的,大批滋生的(常与with搭配)v.害虫、野兽大批出没于( infest的过去式和过去分词 );遍布于
  • The kitchen was infested with ants. 厨房里到处是蚂蚁。
  • The apartments were infested with rats and roaches. 公寓里面到处都是老鼠和蟑螂。
65 forth Hzdz2     
  • The wind moved the trees gently back and forth.风吹得树轻轻地来回摇晃。
  • He gave forth a series of works in rapid succession.他很快连续发表了一系列的作品。
66 giggled 72ecd6e6dbf913b285d28ec3ba1edb12     
v.咯咯地笑( giggle的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The girls giggled at the joke. 女孩子们让这笑话逗得咯咯笑。
  • The children giggled hysterically. 孩子们歇斯底里地傻笑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
67 spun kvjwT     
  • His grandmother spun him a yarn at the fire.他奶奶在火炉边给他讲故事。
  • Her skilful fingers spun the wool out to a fine thread.她那灵巧的手指把羊毛纺成了细毛线。
68 jug QaNzK     
  • He walked along with a jug poised on his head.他头上顶着一个水罐,保持着平衡往前走。
  • She filled the jug with fresh water.她将水壶注满了清水。
69 tinkling Rg3zG6     
  • I could hear bells tinkling in the distance. 我能听到远处叮当铃响。
  • To talk to him was like listening to the tinkling of a worn-out musical-box. 跟他说话,犹如听一架老掉牙的八音盒子丁冬响。 来自英汉文学
70 swell IHnzB     
  • The waves had taken on a deep swell.海浪汹涌。
  • His injured wrist began to swell.他那受伤的手腕开始肿了。


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