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Mr and Mrs Jenkins Meet Bruno金斯夫妇和布鲁诺相会
Mr and Mrs Jenkins Meet Bruno
My grandmother carried me back into her own bedroom and put me on the table. She set theprecious bottle down beside me. "What time are those witches having supper in the Dining Room?"she asked.
"Eight o'clock," I said.
She looked at her watch. "It is now ten-past six," she said. "We've got until eight o'clock towork out our next move." Suddenly, her eye fell upon Bruno. He was still in the banana bowl on thetable. He had eaten three bananas and was now attacking a fourth. He had become immensely fat.
"That's quite enough," my grandmother said, lifting him out of the bowl and putting him onthe table-top. "I think it's time we returned this little fellow to the bosom1 of his family. Don't youagree, Bruno?"
Bruno scowled3 at her. I had never seen a mouse scowl2 before, but he managed it. "My parentslet me eat as much as I want," he said. "I'd rather be with them than with you.""Of course you would," my grandmother said. "Do you know where your parents might be atthis moment?"
"They were in the Lounge not long ago," I said "I saw them sitting there as we dashed throughon our way up here."
"Right," my grandmother said. "Let's go and see if they are still there. Do you want to comealong?" she added, looking at me.
"Yes, please," I said.
"I shall put you both in my handbag," she said "Keep quiet and stay out of sight. If you mustpeep out now and again, don't show more than your nose."Her handbag was a large bulgy4 black-leather affair with a tortoise-shell clasp. She picked upBruno and me and popped us into it. "I shall leave the clasp undone," she said. "But be sure to keepout of sight."
I had no intention of keeping out of sight. I wanted to see everything. I seated myself in alittle side-pocket inside the bag, near the clasp, and from there I was able to poke5 my head outwhenever I wanted to.
"Hey!" Bruno called out. "Give me the rest of that banana I was eating.""Oh all right," my grandmother said. "Anything to keep you quiet." She dropped the half-eaten banana into the bag, then slung6 the bag over her arm and marched out of the room and wentthumping along the corridor with her walking stick.
We went down in the lift to the ground floor and made our way through the Reading-Room tothe Lounge. And there, sure enough, sat Mr and Mrs Jenkins in a couple of armchairs with a lowround glass-covered table between them. There were several other groups in there as well, but theJenkinses were the only couple sitting alone. Mr Jenkins was reading a newspaper. Mrs Jenkins wasknitting something large and mustard-coloured. Only my nose and eyes were above the clasp of mygrandmother's handbag, but I had a super view. I could see everything.
My grandmother, dressed in black lace, went thumping7 across the floor of the Lounge andhalted in front of the Jenkins's table. "Are you Mr and Mrs Jenkins? " she asked.
Mr Jenkins looked at her over the top of his newspaper and frowned. "Yes," he said. "I am MrJenkins. What can I do for you, madam?"
"I'm afraid I have some rather alarming news for you," she said. "It's about your son, Bruno.""What about Bruno?" Mr Jenkins said.??????????????????
Mrs Jenkins looked up but went on knitting.
"What's the little blighter been up to now?" Mr Jenkins asked. "Raiding the kitchen, Isuppose."
"It's a bit worse than that," my grandmother said. "Do you think we might go somewheremore private while I tell you about it?"
"Private?" Mr Jenkins said. "Why do we have to be private?""This is not an easy thing for me to explain," my grandmother said. "I'd much rather we allwent up to your room and sat down before I tell you any more."Mr Jenkins lowered his paper. Mrs Jenkins stopped knitting. "I don't want to go up to myroom, madam," Mr Jenkins said. "I'm quite comfortable here, thank you very much." He was a largecoarse man and he wasn't used to being pushed around by anybody. "Kindly8 state your business andthen leave us alone," he added. He spoke9 as though he was addressing someone who was trying tosell him a vacuum-cleaner at the back door.
My poor grandmother, who had been doing her best to be as kind to them as possible, nowbegan to bristle10 a bit herself. "We really can't talk in here," she said. "There are too many people.
This is a rather delicate and personal matter.""I'll talk where I dashed well want to, madam," Mr Jenkins said. "Come on now, out with it!
If Bruno has broken a window or smashed your spectacles, then I'll pay for the damage, but I'm notbudging out of this seat!"
One or two other groups in the room were beginning to stare at us now.
"Where is Bruno anyway?" Mr Jenkins said. "Tell him to come here and see me.""He's here already," my grandmother said. "He's in my handbag." She patted the big floppyleather bag with her walking-stick.
"What the heck d'you mean he's in your handbag?" Mr Jenkins shouted.
"Are you trying to be funny?" Mrs Jenkins said, very prim11.
"There's nothing funny about this," my grandmother said. "Your son has suffered a ratherunfortunate mishap12."
"He's always suffering mishaps," Mr Jenkins said. "He suffers from overeating and then hesuffers from wind. You should hear him after supper. He sounds like a brass13 band! But a good doseof castor-oil soon puts him right again. Where is the little beggar?""I've already told you," my grandmother said. "He's in my handbag. But I do think it might bebetter if we went somewhere private before you meet him in his present state.""This woman's mad," Mrs Jenkins said. "Tell her to go away."'"The plain fact is", my grandmother said, "that your son Bruno has been rather drasticallyaltered."
"Altered!" shouted Mr Jenkins. "What the devil d'you mean altered?""Go away!" Mrs Jenkins said. "You're a silly old woman!""I am trying to tell you as gently as I possibly can that Bruno really is in my handbag," mygrandmother said. "My own grandson actually saw them doing it to him.""Saw who doing what to him, for heaven's sake?" shouted Mr Jenkins. He had a blackmoustache which jumped up and down when he shouted.
"Saw the witches turning him into a mouse," my grandmother said.
"Call the Manager, dear," Mrs Jenkins said to her husband. "Have this mad woman thrownout of the hotel."
At this point, my grandmother's patience came to an end. She fished around in her handbagand found Bruno. She lifted him out and dumped him on the glass-topped table. Mrs Jerkins took onelook at the fat little brown mouse who was still chewing a bit of banana and she let out a shriek14 thatrattled the crystals on the chandelier. She sprang out of her chair yelling, "It's a mouse! Take it away!
I can't stand the things!"
"It's Bruno," my grandmother said.
"You nasty cheeky old woman!" shouted Mr Jerkins. He started flapping his newspaper atBruno, trying to sweep him off the table. My grandmother rushed forward and managed to grab holdof him before he was swept away. Mrs Jerkins was still screaming her head off and Mr Jerkins wastowering over us and shouting, "Get out of here! How dare you frighten my wife like that! Take yourfilthy mouse away this instant!"
"Help!" screamed Mrs Jerkins. Her face had gone the colour of the underside of a fish.
"Well, I did my best," my grandmother said, and with that she turned and sailed out of theroom, carrying Bruno with her.

“我把你们两个放在手提包里。”她说, “不要出声,不要让人看见。万一有时要看看外面,顶多只能露出眼睛。”


1 bosom Lt9zW     
  • She drew a little book from her bosom.她从怀里取出一本小册子。
  • A dark jealousy stirred in his bosom.他内心生出一阵恶毒的嫉妒。
2 scowl HDNyX     
  • I wonder why he is wearing an angry scowl.我不知道他为何面带怒容。
  • The boss manifested his disgust with a scowl.老板面带怒色,清楚表示出他的厌恶之感。
3 scowled b83aa6db95e414d3ef876bc7fd16d80d     
怒视,生气地皱眉( scowl的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He scowled his displeasure. 他满脸嗔色。
  • The teacher scowled at his noisy class. 老师对他那喧闹的课堂板着脸。
4 bulgy 096a72b8ea430b9564e6e81808ed6a79     
  • And the bone at the back of the neck is bulgy came. 而且脖子后面的骨头都凸出来了。
  • Lumbar shoulder dish what does the earlier note after bulgy operation have? 腰肩盘凸出手术后初期的注重事项有哪些?
5 poke 5SFz9     
  • We never thought she would poke her nose into this.想不到她会插上一手。
  • Don't poke fun at me.别拿我凑趣儿。
6 slung slung     
抛( sling的过去式和过去分词 ); 吊挂; 遣送; 押往
  • He slung the bag over his shoulder. 他把包一甩,挎在肩上。
  • He stood up and slung his gun over his shoulder. 他站起来把枪往肩上一背。
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8 kindly tpUzhQ     
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  • A shadow passed over the kindly face of the old woman.一道阴影掠过老太太慈祥的面孔。
9 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
10 bristle gs1zo     
  • It has a short stumpy tail covered with bristles.它粗短的尾巴上鬃毛浓密。
  • He bristled with indignation at the suggestion that he was racist.有人暗示他是个种族主义者,他对此十分恼火。
11 prim SSIz3     
  • She's too prim to enjoy rude jokes!她太古板,不喜欢听粗野的笑话!
  • He is prim and precise in manner.他的态度一本正经而严谨
12 mishap AjSyg     
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  • We reached home without mishap.我们平安地回到了家。
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  • Many of the workers play in the factory's brass band.许多工人都在工厂铜管乐队中演奏。
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  • People sometimes shriek because of terror,anger,or pain.人们有时会因为恐惧,气愤或疼痛而尖叫。


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