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Chapter One 9
On the morning of the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, 1939, in the largest village ofNortheast Gaomi Township, Shangguan Lü led her mortal enemy, Aunty Sun, into her house,ignoring the bullets whizzing overhead, to help deliver her daughter-in-law’s baby. At thevery moment they walked through the door, out on the open field near the bridgehead,Japanese horse soldiers were trampling1 the corpses2 of guerrilla fighters.
Shangguan Fulu and his son were milling in the yard with the horse doctor, Fan Three, whoproudly held up a bottle filled with a viscous3 green liquid. The three men had been in thesame spot when Shangguan Lü left to find Aunty Sun, but were now joined by the redheadedPastor Malory. Wearing a loose Chinese robe, with a heavy brass5 crucifix around his neck, hewas standing6 beneath Shangguan Lu’s window, head up, facing the morning sun, as heintoned a prayer in the local dialect: “Dear Jesus, Lord in Heaven. Merciful God, reach out totouch the heads of me, Your devoted7 servant, and the friends gathered here, give us thestrength and the courage to face this challenge. Let the woman inside safely deliver her infant,give the goat plenty of milk and the laying hens plenty of eggs, throw a sheet of black beforethe eyes of the evil invaders8, let their bullets jam in their weapons, and let their horses losetheir way and perish in bogs9 and marshes10. Dear Lord, send all Your punishments down on myhead, let me take unto myself the suffering of all living creatures.” The other men stoodsilently listening to his prayer. The looks on their faces showed the depths to which they weremoved.
With a sneer11, Aunty Sun pushed Pastor4 Malory aside and walked in the door. His “Amen”
came as he stumbled wide-eyed to keep his balance, hurriedly crossing himself to bring hisprayer to an end.
Aunty Sun’s silvery hair was combed into a bun held in place by a shiny silver ornament;her sideburns were pinned with mugwort spikes12. She was wearing a starched13 white cottonjacket with a slanted14 lapel that buttoned down the side; a white handkerchief was tucked inbetween two of the buttons. Her black cotton trousers were tied around the ankles above apair of green cotton slippers15 with black embroidery16 and white soles. The fresh smell of soapclung to her body. She had prominent cheekbones, a high nose, and lips that formed a tightline above her chin. Bright, piercing eyes were set deeply in lovely sockets17. Her poise18 andconfident bearing stood in stark19 contrast to the prosperous, well-fed Shangguan Lü. Takingthe bottle of green liquid from Fan Three, Shangguan Lü walked up to Aunty Sun and saidsoftly, “Aunty, this is Fan Three’s potion to hasten childbirth. Will you use it?”
“My dear lady Shangguan,” Aunty Sun said with obvious displeasure, her gaze coveringShangguan Lü with icy beauty, then shifting to the men in the yard, “who have you asked tohelp with the delivery, me or Fan Three?”
“Don’t be angry, Aunty. As they say, ‘When a patient is dying, find doctors where youcan,’ and ‘Anyone with breasts is a mother.’” Forcing herself to be congenial, she kept hervoice low and controlled. “I’m asking you, of course. I wouldn’t have disturbed such aneminent personage if I hadn’t reached the end of my rope.”
“Didn’t you once accuse me of stealing your chickens?” Aunty Sun remarked. “If you wantme as the midwife, tell everyone else to stand clear!”
“If that’s how you want it, that’s how you shall have it,” Shangguan Lü said.
Aunty Sun removed a thin piece of red cloth from around her waist and tied it to thewindow lattice. She then strode purposefully into the house, and when she reached the door ofthe inside room, she stopped, turned, and said to Shangguan Lü, “Lady Shangguan, come withme.”
Fan Three ran up to the window to retrieve20 the bottle of green liquid Shangguan Lü had leftthere. He stuffed it into his bag and headed quickly toward the gate, without so much as abackward glance at the Shangguan father and son.
“Amen!” Pastor Malory repeated, making another sign of the cross. Then he nodded to theShangguan father and son in a show of friendship.
A shriek21 from Aunty Sun tore from inside the room, followed by horrible wails22 fromShangguan Lu.
Shangguan Shouxi hunkered down on the ground and covered his ears with his hands. Hisfather began pacing the yard, hands clasped behind his back, head down, as if he were lookingfor something he’d lost.
Pastor Malory repeated his prayer in a muted voice, eyes cast to the misty23 blue sky.
Just then the newborn mule24 emerged from the barn on shaky legs. Its damp hide shone likesatin. Its weary mother followed it outside to the accompaniment of Shangguan Lu’sagonizing wails. With its ears standing straight up and its tail tucked between its legs, thedonkey wobbled over to the water trough under a pomegranate tree, casting a fearful glance atthe men in the yard. They ignored it. Shangguan Shouxi, his ears covered, was weepingloudly. Shangguan Fulu was still pacing the yard. Pastor Malory was praying with his eyesclosed. The donkey buried its mouth in the water and drank noisily. When it had drunk its fill,it walked slowly over to the peanut vines held up by stalks of sorghum25 and began nibbling26 atthe stalks.
Meanwhile, inside the house, Aunty Sun stuck her hand up the birth canal to extract thebaby’s other leg. The pregnant mother screeched27 once before passing out. Then, afterinserting some yellow powder into Shangguan Lu’s nostrils28, Aunty Sun grabbed the baby’slegs and waited calmly. Shangguan Lu moaned as she regained29 consciousness, then sneezed,causing a series of violent spasms30. Her back arched, then settled back down heavily. That waswhat Aunty Sun had been waiting for: she pulled the baby out of the birth canal, and as itslong, flat head cleared the mother’s body, it made a loud popping sound, as if shot from acannon. Aunty Sun’s white jacket was spattered with blood.
Hanging upside down in Aunty Sun’s hand was a purplish baby girl.
Shangguan Lü began beating her chest and wailing31. “Stop crying! There’s another one inthere!” Aunty Sun demanded angrily.
Shangguan Lu’s belly32 was jerking and twitching33 horribly; blood gushing34 from between herlegs washed out another down-covered infant.
When she spotted35 the little wormlike object between the baby’s legs, Shangguan Lü fell toher knees beside the kang.
“What a shame,” Aunty Sun said pensively36, “another stillborn.”
Suddenly dizzy, Shangguan Lü fell forward and banged her head on the kang. She stoodwith difficulty, propping37 herself up by the kang, and gazed at her daughter-in-law, whose facewas stone gray. Then, with a moan of despair, she shuffled38 out of the room.
A pall39 of death hung over the yard. Her son was on his knees, the bloody40 stump41 of his neckresting on the ground, a stream of fresh blood snaking along the ground; his head, a look offear frozen on the face, sat perfectly42 upright in front of his torso. Her husband was gnawing43 abrick on the path; one of his arms was tucked under his abdomen44, the other stretched out infront of him. A mixture of gray matter and bright red blood from a gaping45 wound in the backof his head stained the path around him. Pastor Malory was on his knees, making the sign ofthe cross and mumbling46 something in a foreign tongue. Two massive horses, reins47 drapedacross their backs, were eating the sorghum stalks supporting the peanut vines, while thedonkey and her newborn mule huddled48 in a corner of the wall, the young animal’s headtucked under one of its mother’s legs, its tail writhing49 like a snake. Two Japanese men inkhaki stood there, one cleaning his sword with a handkerchief, the other hacking50 downsorghum stalks with his sword, sending peanuts to the ground, where they were eaten by thetwo horses, whose tails swished happily.
Suddenly feeling the earth wheel on its axis51, Shangguan Lü had a single thought: to rescueher son and her husband. Instead, she crumpled52 heavily to the ground like a toppled wall.
Aunty Sun quickly skirted Shangguan Lü’s body and strode steadily53 out of the yard. Butone of the Japanese soldiers, who had remarkably54 wide-set eyes and short eyebrows55, threwdown his handkerchief and moved to block her way, standing rigidly56 between her and thegate. Pointing the tip of his sword at her heart, he said something that was only gibberish toher, a loutish57 expression on his face. She looked at him calmly, the hint of a sneer on her lips.
She took a step backward; the Japanese soldier took a step forward. She retreated two moresteps, he took two steps forward, the tip of the sword still pressed up against her breast. As hebore relentlessly58 down on her, Aunty Sun reached up and brushed his sword to the side. Thenone of her feet flashed through the air and landed precisely59 on his wrist, knocking the swordout of his hand. She rushed up and slapped him across the face. With a yelp60 of pain, hecovered his face. His comrade ran up, sword in hand, and aimed it at Aunty Sun’s head. Shespun out of the way and grabbed his wrist, shaking it until he too dropped his sword. Then sheboxed his ear, and although it didn’t seem to be much of a slap, his face began to swellimmediately.
Without so much as looking back, Aunty Sun strode out of the yard, as one of the soldiersraised his rifle and fired. Her body stiffened61 for a moment, then sprawled62 forward in thegateway of the Shangguan house.
At that moment, the two youngest mute grandsons, who had come looking for her, werefelled by the same bullet on the steps leading up to the Shangguan gate. The three oldergrandsons were, at the time, occupied with cutting up the rump of a dead horse on theriverbank, where the smell of gunpowder63 thickened the air.
At around noon, a swarm64 of Japanese soldiers filled the Shangguan compound. The horsesoldiers found a basket in the barn, into which they scooped65 the loose peanuts and carriedthem out into the lane to feed their weary horses. Two of the soldiers took Pastor Malorycaptive. Then a military doctor, eyeglasses perched on the pale bridge of his nose, followedhis commander into the room where Shangguan Lu lay. With a frown, he opened his medicalkit, donned a pair of surgical66 gloves, and cut the babies’ umbilical cords with a stainless67 steelknife. Picking up the infant boy by the feet, he slapped it on the backside until a hoarse68 cryemerged from the other end. He then picked up the baby girl and repeated the procedure untilthere were signs of life. After cleaning the cuts on the umbilical cords with iodine69, hewrapped the babies in white gauzy cotton and gave Shangguan Lu injections to stop thebleeding. All the while the doctor was performing his lifesaving procedures on mother andchildren, a journalist was taking photographs from various angles. A month later, thesephotographs would appear in a Japanese newspaper back home to bear witness to thefriendship between China and Japan.


1 trampling 7aa68e356548d4d30fa83dc97298265a     
踩( trample的现在分词 ); 践踏; 无视; 侵犯
  • Diplomats denounced the leaders for trampling their citizens' civil rights. 外交官谴责这些领导人践踏其公民的公民权。
  • They don't want people trampling the grass, pitching tents or building fires. 他们不希望人们踩踏草坪、支帐篷或生火。
2 corpses 2e7a6f2b001045a825912208632941b2     
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3 viscous KH3yL     
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4 pastor h3Ozz     
  • He was the son of a poor pastor.他是一个穷牧师的儿子。
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6 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
7 devoted xu9zka     
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  • We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic.我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
8 invaders 5f4b502b53eb551c767b8cce3965af9f     
入侵者,侵略者,侵入物( invader的名词复数 )
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9 bogs d60480275cf60a95a369eb1ebd858202     
n.沼泽,泥塘( bog的名词复数 );厕所v.(使)陷入泥沼, (使)陷入困境( bog的第三人称单数 );妨碍,阻碍
  • Whenever It'shows its true nature, real life bogs to a standstill. 无论何时,只要它显示出它的本来面目,真正的生活就陷入停滞。 来自名作英译部分
  • At Jitra we went wading through bogs. 在日得拉我们步行着从泥水塘里穿过去。 来自辞典例句
10 marshes 9fb6b97bc2685c7033fce33dc84acded     
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12 spikes jhXzrc     
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  • a row of iron spikes on a wall 墙头的一排尖铁
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有偏见的; 倾斜的
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15 slippers oiPzHV     
n. 拖鞋
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16 embroidery Wjkz7     
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17 sockets ffe33a3f6e35505faba01d17fd07d641     
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  • All new PCs now have USB sockets. 新的个人计算机现在都有通用串行总线插孔。
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18 poise ySTz9     
vt./vi. 平衡,保持平衡;n.泰然自若,自信
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19 stark lGszd     
  • The young man is faced with a stark choice.这位年轻人面临严峻的抉择。
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20 retrieve ZsYyp     
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22 wails 6fc385b881232f68e3c2bd9685a7fcc7     
痛哭,哭声( wail的名词复数 )
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23 misty l6mzx     
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24 mule G6RzI     
  • A mule is a cross between a mare and a donkey.骡子是母马和公驴的杂交后代。
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25 sorghum eFJys     
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26 nibbling 610754a55335f7412ddcddaf447d7d54     
v.啃,一点一点地咬(吃)( nibble的现在分词 );啃出(洞),一点一点咬出(洞);慢慢减少;小口咬
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  • He was nibbling on the apple. 他在啃苹果。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
27 screeched 975e59058e1a37cd28bce7afac3d562c     
v.发出尖叫声( screech的过去式和过去分词 );发出粗而刺耳的声音;高叫
  • She screeched her disapproval. 她尖叫着不同意。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The car screeched to a stop. 汽车嚓的一声停住了。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
28 nostrils 23a65b62ec4d8a35d85125cdb1b4410e     
鼻孔( nostril的名词复数 )
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  • The horse dilated its nostrils. 马张大鼻孔。
29 regained 51ada49e953b830c8bd8fddd6bcd03aa     
复得( regain的过去式和过去分词 ); 赢回; 重回; 复至某地
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  • She hesitated briefly but quickly regained her poise. 她犹豫片刻,但很快恢复了镇静。
30 spasms 5efd55f177f67cd5244e9e2b74500241     
n.痉挛( spasm的名词复数 );抽搐;(能量、行为等的)突发;发作
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  • The smile died, squeezed out by spasms of anticipation and anxiety. 一阵阵预测和焦虑把她脸上的微笑挤掉了。 来自辞典例句
31 wailing 25fbaeeefc437dc6816eab4c6298b423     
v.哭叫,哀号( wail的现在分词 );沱
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  • The little girl was wailing miserably. 那小女孩难过得号啕大哭。
32 belly QyKzLi     
  • The boss has a large belly.老板大腹便便。
  • His eyes are bigger than his belly.他眼馋肚饱。
33 twitching 97f99ba519862a2bc691c280cee4d4cf     
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34 gushing 313eef130292e797ea104703d9458f2d     
adj.迸出的;涌出的;喷出的;过分热情的v.喷,涌( gush的现在分词 );滔滔不绝地说话
  • blood gushing from a wound 从伤口冒出的血
  • The young mother was gushing over a baby. 那位年轻的母亲正喋喋不休地和婴儿说话。 来自《简明英汉词典》
35 spotted 7FEyj     
  • The milkman selected the spotted cows,from among a herd of two hundred.牛奶商从一群200头牛中选出有斑点的牛。
  • Sam's shop stocks short spotted socks.山姆的商店屯积了有斑点的短袜。
36 pensively 0f673d10521fb04c1a2f12fdf08f9f8c     
  • Garton pensively stirred the hotchpotch of his hair. 加顿沉思着搅动自己的乱发。 来自辞典例句
  • "Oh, me,'said Carrie, pensively. "I wish I could live in such a place." “唉,真的,"嘉莉幽幽地说,"我真想住在那种房子里。” 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
37 propping 548f07f69caff3c98b65a959401073ee     
  • You can usually find Jack propping up the bar at his local. 你常常可以看见杰克频繁出没于他居住的那家酒店。
  • The government was accused of propping up declining industries. 政府被指责支持日益衰败的产业。
38 shuffled cee46c30b0d1f2d0c136c830230fe75a     
v.洗(纸牌)( shuffle的过去式和过去分词 );拖着脚步走;粗心地做;摆脱尘世的烦恼
  • He shuffled across the room to the window. 他拖着脚走到房间那头的窗户跟前。
  • Simon shuffled awkwardly towards them. 西蒙笨拙地拖着脚朝他们走去。 来自《简明英汉词典》
39 pall hvwyP     
  • Already the allure of meals in restaurants had begun to pall.饭店里的饭菜已经不像以前那样诱人。
  • I find his books begin to pall on me after a while.我发觉他的书读过一阵子就开始对我失去吸引力。
40 bloody kWHza     
  • He got a bloody nose in the fight.他在打斗中被打得鼻子流血。
  • He is a bloody fool.他是一个十足的笨蛋。
41 stump hGbzY     
  • He went on the stump in his home state.他到故乡所在的州去发表演说。
  • He used the stump as a table.他把树桩用作桌子。
42 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
43 gnawing GsWzWk     
  • The dog was gnawing a bone. 那狗在啃骨头。
  • These doubts had been gnawing at him for some time. 这些疑虑已经折磨他一段时间了。
44 abdomen MfXym     
  • How to know to there is ascarid inside abdomen?怎样知道肚子里面有蛔虫?
  • He was anxious about an off-and-on pain the abdomen.他因时隐时现的腹痛而焦虑。
45 gaping gaping     
adj.口的;张口的;敞口的;多洞穴的v.目瞪口呆地凝视( gape的现在分词 );张开,张大
  • Ahead of them was a gaping abyss. 他们前面是一个巨大的深渊。
  • The antelope could not escape the crocodile's gaping jaws. 那只羚羊无法从鱷鱼张开的大口中逃脱。 来自《简明英汉词典》
46 mumbling 13967dedfacea8f03be56b40a8995491     
含糊地说某事,叽咕,咕哝( mumble的现在分词 )
  • I could hear him mumbling to himself. 我听到他在喃喃自语。
  • He was still mumbling something about hospitals at the end of the party when he slipped on a piece of ice and broke his left leg. 宴会结束时,他仍在咕哝着医院里的事。说着说着,他在一块冰上滑倒,跌断了左腿。
47 reins 370afc7786679703b82ccfca58610c98     
感情,激情; 缰( rein的名词复数 ); 控制手段; 掌管; (成人带着幼儿走路以防其走失时用的)保护带
  • She pulled gently on the reins. 她轻轻地拉着缰绳。
  • The government has imposed strict reins on the import of luxury goods. 政府对奢侈品的进口有严格的控制手段。
48 huddled 39b87f9ca342d61fe478b5034beb4139     
  • We huddled together for warmth. 我们挤在一块取暖。
  • We huddled together to keep warm. 我们挤在一起来保暖。
49 writhing 8e4d2653b7af038722d3f7503ad7849c     
(因极度痛苦而)扭动或翻滚( writhe的现在分词 )
  • She was writhing around on the floor in agony. 她痛得在地板上直打滚。
  • He was writhing on the ground in agony. 他痛苦地在地上打滚。
50 hacking KrIzgm     
  • The patient with emphysema is hacking all day. 这个肺气肿病人整天不断地干咳。
  • We undertook the task of hacking our way through the jungle. 我们负责在丛林中开路。
51 axis sdXyz     
  • The earth's axis is the line between the North and South Poles.地轴是南北极之间的线。
  • The axis of a circle is its diameter.圆的轴线是其直径。
52 crumpled crumpled     
adj. 弯扭的, 变皱的 动词crumple的过去式和过去分词形式
  • She crumpled the letter up into a ball and threw it on the fire. 她把那封信揉成一团扔进了火里。
  • She flattened out the crumpled letter on the desk. 她在写字台上把皱巴巴的信展平。
53 steadily Qukw6     
  • The scope of man's use of natural resources will steadily grow.人类利用自然资源的广度将日益扩大。
  • Our educational reform was steadily led onto the correct path.我们的教学改革慢慢上轨道了。
54 remarkably EkPzTW     
  • I thought she was remarkably restrained in the circumstances. 我认为她在那种情况下非常克制。
  • He made a remarkably swift recovery. 他康复得相当快。
55 eyebrows a0e6fb1330e9cfecfd1c7a4d00030ed5     
眉毛( eyebrow的名词复数 )
  • Eyebrows stop sweat from coming down into the eyes. 眉毛挡住汗水使其不能流进眼睛。
  • His eyebrows project noticeably. 他的眉毛特别突出。
56 rigidly hjezpo     
  • Life today is rigidly compartmentalized into work and leisure. 当今的生活被严格划分为工作和休闲两部分。
  • The curriculum is rigidly prescribed from an early age. 自儿童时起即已开始有严格的课程设置。
57 loutish SAvxy     
  • He was not as loutish as his manner suggested.他举止粗野,但人不是那样的。
  • I was appalled by the loutish behaviour.这种粗野行为令我大为震惊。
58 relentlessly Rk4zSD     
  • The African sun beat relentlessly down on his aching head. 非洲的太阳无情地照射在他那发痛的头上。
  • He pursued her relentlessly, refusing to take 'no' for an answer. 他锲而不舍地追求她,拒不接受“不”的回答。
59 precisely zlWzUb     
  • It's precisely that sort of slick sales-talk that I mistrust.我不相信的正是那种油腔滑调的推销宣传。
  • The man adjusted very precisely.那个人调得很准。
60 yelp zosym     
  • The dog gave a yelp of pain.狗疼得叫了一声。
  • The puppy a yelp when John stepped on her tail.当约翰踩到小狗的尾巴,小狗发出尖叫。
61 stiffened de9de455736b69d3f33bb134bba74f63     
  • He leaned towards her and she stiffened at this invasion of her personal space. 他向她俯过身去,这种侵犯她个人空间的举动让她绷紧了身子。
  • She stiffened with fear. 她吓呆了。
62 sprawled 6cc8223777584147c0ae6b08b9304472     
v.伸开四肢坐[躺]( sprawl的过去式和过去分词);蔓延;杂乱无序地拓展;四肢伸展坐着(或躺着)
  • He was sprawled full-length across the bed. 他手脚摊开横躺在床上。
  • He was lying sprawled in an armchair, watching TV. 他四肢伸开正懒散地靠在扶手椅上看电视。
63 gunpowder oerxm     
  • Gunpowder was introduced into Europe during the first half of the 14th century.在14世纪上半叶,火药传入欧洲。
  • This statement has a strong smell of gunpowder.这是一篇充满火药味的声明。
64 swarm dqlyj     
  • There is a swarm of bees in the tree.这树上有一窝蜜蜂。
  • A swarm of ants are moving busily.一群蚂蚁正在忙碌地搬家。
65 scooped a4cb36a9a46ab2830b09e95772d85c96     
v.抢先报道( scoop的过去式和过去分词 );(敏捷地)抱起;抢先获得;用铲[勺]等挖(洞等)
  • They scooped the other newspapers by revealing the matter. 他们抢先报道了这件事。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The wheels scooped up stones which hammered ominously under the car. 车轮搅起的石块,在车身下发出不吉祥的锤击声。 来自《简明英汉词典》
66 surgical 0hXzV3     
  • He performs the surgical operations at the Red Cross Hospital.他在红十字会医院做外科手术。
  • All surgical instruments must be sterilised before use.所有的外科手术器械在使用之前,必须消毒。
67 stainless kuSwr     
  • I have a set of stainless knives and forks.我有一套不锈钢刀叉。
  • Before the recent political scandal,her reputation had been stainless.在最近的政治丑闻之前,她的名声是无懈可击的。
68 hoarse 5dqzA     
  • He asked me a question in a hoarse voice.他用嘶哑的声音问了我一个问题。
  • He was too excited and roared himself hoarse.他过于激动,嗓子都喊哑了。
69 iodine Da6zr     
  • The doctor painted iodine on the cut.医生在伤口上涂点碘酒。
  • Iodine tends to localize in the thyroid.碘容易集于甲状腺。


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