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  THE four of them, with Timmy capering1 behind, ran to meet Jo. She beamed at everyone.
  'Hallo, Anne, hallo, George! Pleased to meet you again! This isn't half a surprise!'
  'Jo! How did you get those horses?' said Dick, taking one by the bridle2.
  'Easy,' grinned Jo. 'I just told Uncle Fredo all about you - what wonders you were - and all you didfor me - and wasn't I shocked when I heard they'd turned you out of your field! I let go then!
  I told them just what I thought of them, treating my best friends like that!'
  'Did you really, Jo?' said George, doubtfully.
  'Didn't you hear me?' demanded Jo. 'I yelled like anything at Uncle Fredo, and then his wife, my AuntAnita, she yelled at him too - and then we both yelled at everyone.'
  'It must have been quite a yelling match,' said Julian. 'And the result was that you got your way, andgot the horses to take back our caravans4, Jo?'
  'Well, when Aunt Anita told me they'd taken your caravans into the next field and left them there, andwouldn't lend you horses to bring them back, I told them all a few things,' said Jo. 'I said - no, I'dbetter not tell you what I said. I wasn't very polite.'
  'I bet you weren't' said Dick, who had already had a little experience of Jo's wild tongue the yearbefore.
  'And when I told them how my father went to prison, and you got me a home with somebody nicewho looks after me, they were sorry they'd treated you roughly,' said Jo. 'And so I told Uncle Fredo Iwas going to catch two horses and bring your caravans back into the field again.'
  'I see,' said Julian. 'And the fair-folk just let you?'
  'Oh, yes,' said Jo. 'So let's hitch5 them in, Julian, and go back at once. Isn't that the farmer coming overthere?'
  It was, and he looked pretty grim. Julian hurriedly put one horse into the shafts6 of the girls'
  caravan3, and Dick backed the other horse into the shafts of the second caravan. The farmer came 42up and watched.
  'So you thought you'd get horses after all, did you?' he said. 'I thought you would telling me a lot ofpoppycock about being stranded7 here and not being able to get away!'
  'Grrrrrrrr,' said Timmy at once, but he was the only one who made any reply!
  'Gee-up!' said Jo, taking the reins8 of the horse pulling the girls' caravan. 'Hup there! Git along, willyou?'
  The horse got along, and Jo wickedly drove him so near to the farmer that he had to move back in ahurry. He growled9 something at her. Timmy, appearing round the caravan, growled back.
  The farmer stood back further, and watched the two caravans going down the hillside, out throughthe wide gap in the hedge, and down the lane.
  They came to the field-gate and Anne opened it. In went the horses, straining now, because they weregoing uphill, and the vans were heavy. At last they arrived in the corner where the vans had stoodbefore. Julian backed them over the same bit of ground.
  He unhitched the horses, and threw the reins of the second horse to Dick. 'We'll take them backourselves,' he said.
  So the two boys walked the horses over to Alfredo, who was pegging10 up some washing on a line.
  It seemed a most unsuitable thing for a fire-eater to do, but Alfredo didn't seem to mind.
  'Mr. Alfredo, thank you for lending us the horses,' said Julian, in his politest tones. 'Shall we tie themup anywhere, or set them loose?'
  Alfredo turned round, and took some pegs11 out of his large mouth. He looked rather ashamed.
  'Set them loose,' he said. He hesitated before he put the pegs back into his mouth. 'We didn't knowyou were friends with my niece,' he said. 'She told us all about you. You should have told us youknew her.'
  'And how could he do that when he didn't know she was your niece?' shouted Mrs. Alfredo from thecaravan door. 'Fredo, you have no brains, not a single brain do you have. Ahhhhhh! Now you dropmy best blouse on the ground!'
  She ran out at top speed, and Alfredo stared in alarm. Fortunately she had no saucepan with her thistime. She turned to the two amused boys.
  'Alfredo is sorry he took your caravans away,' she said, 'are you not, Fredo?'
  'Well! It was you who...' began Alfredo, with a look of astonishment12. But he wasn't allowed to finish.
  His dark little wife gave him a violent nudge, and spoke13 again herself, her words tumbling 43over one another.
  'Pay no attention to this big bad man! He has no brains. He can only eat fire, and that is a poor thingto do! Now Jo, she has brains. Now, are you not glad that you are back again in your corner?'
  'I should have felt gladder if you had all been friendly to us,' said Julian. 'I'm afraid we don't feel likestopping here any longer, though. We shall probably leave tomorrow.'
  'Now there, Fredo, see what you have done! You have chased away these nice children!' cried Mrs.
  Alfredo. 'They have manners, these boys, a thing you know nothing about, Fredo. You should learnfrom them, Fredo, you should...'
  Fredo took some pegs from his mouth to make an indignant answer, but his wife suddenly gave ashriek and ran to her caravan. 'Something burns! Something burns!'
  Alfredo gave a hearty14 laugh, a loud guffaw15 that surprised the boys. 'Ha! She bakes today, and burnsher cake! She has no brains, that woman! No brains at all!'
  Julian and Dick turned to go. Alfredo spoke to them in a low voice. 'You can stay here now, here inthis field. You are Jo's friend. That is enough for us.'
  'It may be,' said Julian. 'But it's not quite enough for us, I'm afraid. We shall leave tomorrow.'
  The boys went back to the caravans. Jo sat on the grass with George and Anne, eagerly telling themof her life with a very nice family. 'But they won't let me wear shorts or be a boy,' she ended sadly.
  'That's why I wear a skirt now. Could you lend me some shorts, George?'
  'No, I couldn't,' said George, firmly. Jo was quite enough like her as it was, without wearing shorts!
  'Well, you seem to have turned over a new leaf, Jo. Can you read and write yet?'
  'Almost,' said Jo, and turned her eyes away. She found lessons very difficult, for she had never beento school when she lived with her gypsy father. She looked back again with bright eyes.
  'Can I stay with you?' she said. 'My foster-mother would let me, I know - if it was you I was with.'
  'Didn't you tell her you were coming here?' said Dick. 'That was unkind, Jo.'
  'I never thought,' said Jo. 'You send her a card for me, Dick.'
  'Send one yourself,' said George at once. 'You said you could write.'
  Jo took no notice of that remark. 'Can I stay with you?' she said. 'I won't sleep in the caravans, I'lldoss down underneath16. I always did that when the weather was fine, and I lived with my Dad in hiscaravan. It would be a change for me now not to live in a house. I like lots of things in 44houses, though I never thought I would - but I shall always like sleeping rough best.'
  'Well - you could stay here with us, if we were going to stay,' said Julian. 'But I don't much feelinclined to, now we've had such an unfriendly welcome from everyone.'
  'I'll tell everyone to be kind to you,' said Jo at once, and got up as if she meant to go then and there toforce everyone into kindness!
  Dick pushed her down. 'No. We'll stay here one more day and night, and make up our mindstomorrow. What do you say, Julian?'
  'Right,' said Julian. He looked at his watch. 'Let's go and celebrate Jo's coming with a few ice-creams.
  And I expect you two girls have got some shopping to do, haven't you?'
  'Yes,' said Anne, and fetched the shopping bags. They set off down the hill, the five of them andTimmy. As they passed the snake-man he called out cheerily to them: 'Good morning! Nice day, isn'tit?'
  After the surliness and sulkiness the children had got from the fair-folk up till then, this came as asurprise. Anne smiled, but the boys and George merely nodded and passed by. They were not soforgiving as Anne!
  They passed the rubber-man, bringing back water. Behind him came the rope-man. Both of themnodded to the children, and the sad-looking rubber-man actually gave a brief grin.
  Then they saw Bufflo, practising with his whip - crack-crack-crack! He came over to them. 'If you'dlike a crack with my whip, you're welcome any time,' he said to Julian.
  'Thanks,' said Julian, politely but stiffly. 'But we're probably leaving tomorrow.'
  'Keep your hair on!' said Bufflo, feeling snubbed.
  'I would if you'd let me,' said Julian at once, rubbing his hand over the top of his head where Bufflohad stripped off a few up-standing hairs.
  'Ho, ho!' guffawed17 Bufflo and then stopped abruptly18, afraid he had given offence. Julian grinned athim. He rather liked Bufflo, with his mop of yellow hair and lazy drawl.
  'You stay on with us,' said Bufflo. 'I'll lend you a whip.'
  'We're probably leaving tomorrow,' repeated Julian. He nodded to him, and went on with the others.
  'I'm beginning to feel I'd rather like to stay after all,' said George. 'It makes such a difference if peopleare friendly.'
  'Well, we're not staying,' said Julian, shortly. 'I've practically made up my mind - but we'll just 45wait till tomorrow. It's a - a matter of pride with me. You girls don't understand quite how I feel aboutthe whole thing.'
  They didn't. Dick understood, though, and he agreed with Julian. They went on down to the villageand made their way to the ice-cream shop.
  They had a very pleasant day. They had a wonderful lunch on the grass by their caravans - and totheir surprise Mrs. Alfredo presented them with a sponge sandwich she had made. Anne thanked hervery much indeed to make up for a certain stiffness in the thanks of the two boys.
  'You might have said a bit more,' she said reproachfully to them. 'She really is a kind little woman.
  Honestly I wouldn't mind staying on now.'
  But Julian was curiously19 obstinate20 about it. He shook his head. 'We go tomorrow,' he said.
  'Unless something unexpected happens to make us stay. And it won't.'
  But Julian was quite wrong. Something unexpected did happen. Something really very peculiarindeed.


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v.跳跃,雀跃( caper的现在分词 );蹦蹦跳跳
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  • The boy was Capering dersively, with obscene unambiguous gestures, before a party of English tourists. 这个顽童在一群英国旅游客人面前用明显下流的动作可笑地蹦蹦跳跳着。 来自辞典例句
2 bridle 4sLzt     
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(可供居住的)拖车(通常由机动车拖行)( caravan的名词复数 ); 篷车; (穿过沙漠地带的)旅行队(如商队)
  • Old-fashioned gypsy caravans are painted wooden vehicles that are pulled by horses. 旧式的吉卜赛大篷车是由马拉的涂了颜色的木质车辆。
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感情,激情; 缰( rein的名词复数 ); 控制手段; 掌管; (成人带着幼儿走路以防其走失时用的)保护带
  • She pulled gently on the reins. 她轻轻地拉着缰绳。
  • The government has imposed strict reins on the import of luxury goods. 政府对奢侈品的进口有严格的控制手段。
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v.(动物)发狺狺声, (雷)作隆隆声( growl的过去式和过去分词 );低声咆哮着说
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  • The trader was obstinate in the negotiation.这个商人在谈判中拗强固执。


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