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Pig 5
With the kitchen to himself, Lexington straight away began experimenting with dishes of his own
invention. The old favourites no longer interested him. He had a violent urge to create. There were
hundreds of fresh ideas in his head. ‘I will begin,’ he said, ‘by devising a chestnut1 soufflé.’ He
made it and served it up for supper that very night. It was terrific. ‘You are a genius!’ Aunt
Glosspan cried, leaping up from her chair and kissing him on both cheeks. ‘You will make
From then on, hardly a day went by without some new delectable2 creation being set upon the
table. There was Brazilnut soup, hominy cutlets, vegetable ragout, dandelion omelette, cream-
cheese fritters, stuffed-cabbage surprise, stewed3 foggage, shallots à la bonne femme, beetroot
mousse piquant5, prunes6 Stroganoff, Dutch rarebit, turnips7 on horseback, flaming spruce-needle
tarts8, and many many other beautiful compositions. Never before in her life. Aunt Glosspan
declared, had she tasted such food as this; and in the mornings, long before lunch was due, she
would go out on to the porch and sit there in her rocking-chair, speculating about the coming meal,
licking her chops, sniffing9 the aromas10 that came wafting11 out through the kitchen window.
‘What’s that you’re making in there today, boy?’ she would call out.
‘Try to guess. Aunt Glosspan.’
‘Smells like a bit of salsify fritters to me,’ she would say, sniffing vigorously.
Then out he would come, this ten-year-old child, a little grin of triumph on his face, and in his
hands a big steaming pot of the most heavenly stew4 made entirely12 of parsnips and lovage.
‘You know what you ought to do,’ his aunt said to him, gobbling the stew. ‘You ought to set
yourself down this very minute with paper and pencil and write a cooking-book.’
He looked at her across the table, chewing his parsnips slowly.
‘Why not?’ she cried. ‘I’ve taught you how to write and I’ve taught you how to cook and now
all you’ve got to do is put the two things together. You write a cooking-book, my darling, and it’ll
make you famous the whole world over.’
‘All right,’ he said. ‘I will.’
And that very day, Lexington began writing the first page of that monumental work which was
to occupy him for the rest of his life. He called it Eat Good and Healthy.


1 chestnut XnJy8     
  • We have a chestnut tree in the bottom of our garden.我们的花园尽头有一棵栗树。
  • In summer we had tea outdoors,under the chestnut tree.夏天我们在室外栗树下喝茶。
2 delectable gxGxP     
  • What delectable food you cook!你做的食品真好吃!
  • But today the delectable seafood is no longer available in abundance.但是今天这种可口的海味已不再大量存在。
3 stewed 285d9b8cfd4898474f7be6858f46f526     
adj.焦虑不安的,烂醉的v.炖( stew的过去式和过去分词 );煨;思考;担忧
  • When all birds are shot, the bow will be set aside;when all hares are killed, the hounds will be stewed and eaten -- kick out sb. after his services are no longer needed. 鸟尽弓藏,兔死狗烹。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • \"How can we cook in a pan that's stewed your stinking stockings? “染臭袜子的锅,还能煮鸡子吃!还要它?” 来自汉英文学 - 中国现代小说
4 stew 0GTz5     
  • The stew must be boiled up before serving.炖肉必须煮熟才能上桌。
  • There's no need to get in a stew.没有必要烦恼。
5 piquant N2fza     
  • Bland vegetables are often served with a piquant sauce.清淡的蔬菜常以辛辣的沙司调味。
  • He heard of a piquant bit of news.他听到了一则令人兴奋的消息。
6 prunes 92c0a2d4c66444bc8ee239641ff76694     
n.西梅脯,西梅干( prune的名词复数 )v.修剪(树木等)( prune的第三人称单数 );精简某事物,除去某事物多余的部分
  • Dried fruits such as prunes, pears, and peaches, are stewed. 梅干、梨脯、桃脯等干果,都是炖过的。 来自辞典例句
  • We had stewed prunes for breakfast. 我们早饭吃炖梅干。 来自辞典例句
7 turnips 0a5b5892a51b9bd77b247285ad0b3f77     
芜青( turnip的名词复数 ); 芜菁块根; 芜菁甘蓝块根; 怀表
  • Well, I like turnips, tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflowers, onions and carrots. 噢,我喜欢大萝卜、西红柿、茄子、菜花、洋葱和胡萝卜。 来自魔法英语-口语突破(高中)
  • This is turnip soup, made from real turnips. 这是大头菜汤,用真正的大头菜做的。
8 tarts 781c06ce7e1617876890c0d58870a38e     
n.果馅饼( tart的名词复数 );轻佻的女人;妓女;小妞
  • I decided to make some tarts for tea. 我决定做些吃茶点时吃的果馅饼。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • They ate raspberry tarts and ice cream. 大家吃着木莓馅饼和冰淇淋。 来自辞典例句
9 sniffing 50b6416c50a7d3793e6172a8514a0576     
n.探查法v.以鼻吸气,嗅,闻( sniff的现在分词 );抽鼻子(尤指哭泣、患感冒等时出声地用鼻子吸气);抱怨,不以为然地说
  • We all had colds and couldn't stop sniffing and sneezing. 我们都感冒了,一个劲地抽鼻子,打喷嚏。
  • They all had colds and were sniffing and sneezing. 他们都伤风了,呼呼喘气而且打喷嚏。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
10 aromas 22108e13d76196351f5487c7c02f8109     
n.芳香( aroma的名词复数 );气味;风味;韵味
  • Intoxicating earth aromas induced lassitude and ethereal calm. 泥土的醉人的芳香叫人懒洋洋的,感到一种远离尘世的宁静。 来自辞典例句
  • Nose and elegant nose with attractive fruity, floral and citrus fruit aromas. 芳香:优雅、馥郁、迷人的柑橘属水果的果香及花的清香。 来自互联网
11 wafting 9056ea794d326978fd72c00a33901c00     
v.吹送,飘送,(使)浮动( waft的现在分词 )
  • But that gentle fragrance was clearly wafting from the window. 但那股淡淡的香气,却分明是从母亲的窗户溢出的。 来自互联网
  • The picture-like XueGuo, wafting dense flavor of Japan, gives us a kind of artistic enjoyment. 画一般的雪国,飘溢着浓郁的日本风情,给人以美的享受。 来自互联网
12 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。


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