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Chapter 34

The driver who collected Bishop1 Aringarosa from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport pulledup in a small, unimpressive black Fiat2 sedan. Aringarosa recalled a day when all Vatican transportswere big luxury cars that sported grille-plate medallions and flags emblazoned with the seal of theHoly See. Those days are gone. Vatican cars were now less ostentatious and almost alwaysunmarked. The Vatican claimed this was to cut costs to better serve their dioceses, but Aringarosasuspected it was more of a security measure. The world had gone mad, and in many parts ofEurope, advertising3 your love of Jesus Christ was like painting a bull's-eye on the roof of your car.

  Bundling his black cassock around himself, Aringarosa climbed into the back seat and settled in forthe long drive to Castel Gandolfo. It would be the same ride he had taken five months ago.

  Last year's trip to Rome, he sighed. The longest night of my life.

  Five months ago, the Vatican had phoned to request Aringarosa's immediate4 presence in Rome.

  They offered no explanation. Your tickets are at the airport. The Holy See worked hard to retain aveil of mystery, even for its highest clergy5.

  The mysterious summons, Aringarosa suspected, was probably a photo opportunity for the Popeand other Vatican officials to piggyback on Opus Dei's recent public success—the completion oftheir World Headquarters in New York City. Architectural Digest had called Opus Dei's building"a shining beacon6 of Catholicism sublimely7 integrated with the modern landscape," and lately theVatican seemed to be drawn8 to anything and everything that included the word "modern."Aringarosa had no choice but to accept the invitation, albeit9 reluctantly. Not a fan of the currentpapal administration, Aringarosa, like most conservative clergy, had watched with grave concernas the new Pope settled into his first year in office. An unprecedented10 liberal, His Holiness hadsecured the papacy through one of the most controversial and unusual conclaves11 in Vatican history.

  Now, rather than being humbled12 by his unexpected rise to power, the Holy Father had wasted notime flexing13 all the muscle associated with the highest office in Christendom. Drawing on anunsettling tide of liberal support within the College of Cardinals14, the Pope was now declaring hispapal mission to be "rejuvenation15 of Vatican doctrine16 and updating Catholicism into the thirdmillennium."The translation, Aringarosa feared, was that the man was actually arrogant17 enough to think hecould rewrite God's laws and win back the hearts of those who felt the demands of true Catholicismhad become too inconvenient18 in a modern world.

  Aringarosa had been using all of his political sway—substantial considering the size of the OpusDei constituency and their bankroll—to persuade the Pope and his advisers19 that softening20 theChurch's laws was not only faithless and cowardly, but political suicide. He reminded them thatprevious tempering of Church law—the Vatican II fiasco—had left a devastating21 legacy22: Churchattendance was now lower than ever, donations were drying up, and there were not even enoughCatholic priests to preside over their churches.

  People need structure and direction from the Church, Aringarosa insisted, not coddling andindulgence!

  On that night, months ago, as the Fiat had left the airport, Aringarosa was surprised to find himselfheading not toward Vatican City but rather eastward23 up a sinuous24 mountain road. "Where are wegoing?" he had demanded of his driver.

  "Alban Hills," the man replied. "Your meeting is at Castel Gandolfo."The Pope's summer residence? Aringarosa had never been, nor had he ever desired to see it. Inaddition to being the Pope's summer vacation home, the sixteenth-century citadel25 housed theSpecula Vaticana—the Vatican Observatory—one of the most advanced astronomicalobservatories in Europe. Aringarosa had never been comfortable with the Vatican's historical needto dabble26 in science. What was the rationale for fusing science and faith? Unbiased science couldnot possibly be performed by a man who possessed27 faith in God. Nor did faith have any need forphysical confirmation28 of its beliefs.

  Nonetheless, there it is, he thought as Castel Gandolfo came into view, rising against a star-filledNovember sky. From the access road, Gandolfo resembled a great stone monster pondering asuicidal leap. Perched at the very edge of a cliff, the castle leaned out over the cradle of Italiancivilization—the valley where the Curiazi and Orazi clans29 fought long before the founding ofRome.

  Even in silhouette30, Gandolfo was a sight to behold—an impressive example of tiered, defensivearchitecture, echoing the potency31 of this dramatic cliffside setting. Sadly, Aringarosa now saw, theVatican had ruined the building by constructing two huge aluminum32 telescope domes33 atop the roof,leaving this once dignified34 edifice35 looking like a proud warrior36 wearing a couple of party hats.

  When Aringarosa got out of the car, a young Jesuit priest hurried out and greeted him. "Bishop,welcome. I am Father Mangano. An astronomer37 here."Good for you. Aringarosa grumbled38 his hello and followed his host into the castle's foyer—a wide-open space whose decor was a graceless blend of Renaissance39 art and astronomy images.

  Following his escort up the wide travertine marble staircase, Aringarosa saw signs for conferencecenters, science lecture halls, and tourist information services. It amazed him to think the Vaticanwas failing at every turn to provide coherent, stringent40 guidelines for spiritual growth and yetsomehow still found time to give astrophysics lectures to tourists.

  "Tell me," Aringarosa said to the young priest, "when did the tail start wagging the dog?"The priest gave him an odd look. "Sir?"Aringarosa waved it off, deciding not to launch into that particular offensive again this evening.

  The Vatican has gone mad. Like a lazy parent who found it easier to acquiesce41 to the whims42 of aspoiled child than to stand firm and teach values, the Church just kept softening at every turn,trying to reinvent itself to accommodate a culture gone astray.

  The top floor's corridor was wide, lushly appointed, and led in only one direction—toward a hugeset of oak doors with a brass43 sign.

  BIBLIOTECA ASTRONOMICAAringarosa had heard of this place—the Vatican's Astronomy Library—rumored to contain morethan twenty-five thousand volumes, including rare works of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton,and Secchi. Allegedly, it was also the place in which the Pope's highest officers held privatemeetings... those meetings they preferred not to hold within the walls of Vatican City.

  Approaching the door, Bishop Aringarosa would never have imagined the shocking news he wasabout to receive inside, or the deadly chain of events it would put into motion. It was not until anhour later, as he staggered from the meeting, that the devastating implications settled in. Six monthsfrom now! he had thought. God help us!

  Now, seated in the Fiat, Bishop Aringarosa realized his fists were clenched44 just thinking about thatfirst meeting. He released his grip and forced a slow inhalation, relaxing his muscles.

  Everything will be fine, he told himself as the Fiat wound higher into the mountains. Still, hewished his cell phone would ring. Why hasn't the Teacher called me? Silas should have thekeystone by now.

  Trying to ease his nerves, the bishop meditated45 on the purple amethyst46 in his ring. Feeling thetextures of the mitre-crozier appliqué and the facets47 of the diamonds, he reminded himself that thisring was a symbol of power far less than that which he would soon attain48.













主教的避暑山庄?阿林加洛沙从来没有去过,也没有想过要去。那座16 世纪的古堡不仅是主教的避暑山庄,而且也是梵蒂冈天文台--欧洲最先进的天文台--的所在地。阿林加洛沙一想到梵蒂冈的古迹要和科学沾上边,心里就觉得不舒服。把科学和信仰搀和在一起有何道理?人们没有对上帝的信仰,就找不到科学真理。信仰也不需要任何形式来证明自己。















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2 fiat EkYx2     
  • The opening of a market stall is governed by municipal fiat.开设市场摊位受市政法令管制。
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n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
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31 potency 9Smz8     
n. 效力,潜能
  • Alcohol increases the drug's potency.酒精能增加这种毒品的效力。
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32 aluminum 9xhzP     
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33 domes ea51ec34bac20cae1c10604e13288827     
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37 astronomer DOEyh     
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38 grumbled ed735a7f7af37489d7db1a9ef3b64f91     
抱怨( grumble的过去式和过去分词 ); 发牢骚; 咕哝; 发哼声
  • He grumbled at the low pay offered to him. 他抱怨给他的工资低。
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  • He is so independent that he will never acquiesce.他很有主见,所以绝不会顺从。
42 WHIMS ecf1f9fe569e0760fc10bec24b97c043     
  • The mate observed regretfully that he could not account for that young fellow's whims. 那位伙伴很遗憾地说他不能说出那年轻人产生怪念头的原因。
  • The rest she had for food and her own whims. 剩下的钱她用来吃饭和买一些自己喜欢的东西。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
43 brass DWbzI     
  • Many of the workers play in the factory's brass band.许多工人都在工厂铜管乐队中演奏。
  • Brass is formed by the fusion of copper and zinc.黄铜是通过铜和锌的熔合而成的。
44 clenched clenched     
v.紧握,抓紧,咬紧( clench的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He clenched his fists in anger. 他愤怒地攥紧了拳头。
  • She clenched her hands in her lap to hide their trembling. 她攥紧双手放在腿上,以掩饰其颤抖。 来自《简明英汉词典》
45 meditated b9ec4fbda181d662ff4d16ad25198422     
深思,沉思,冥想( meditate的过去式和过去分词 ); 内心策划,考虑
  • He meditated for two days before giving his answer. 他在作出答复之前考虑了两天。
  • She meditated for 2 days before giving her answer. 她考虑了两天才答复。
46 amethyst ee0yu     
  • She pinned a large amethyst brooch to her lapel.她在翻领上别了一枚大大的紫水晶饰针。
  • The exquisite flowers come alive in shades of amethyst.那些漂亮的花儿在紫水晶的映衬下显得格外夺目。
47 facets f954532ea6a2c241dcb9325762a2a145     
n.(宝石或首饰的)小平面( facet的名词复数 );(事物的)面;方面
  • The question had many facets. 这个问题是多方面的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • A fully cut brilliant diamond has 68 facets. 经过充分切刻的光彩夺目的钻石有68个小平面。 来自《简明英汉词典》
48 attain HvYzX     
  • I used the scientific method to attain this end. 我用科学的方法来达到这一目的。
  • His painstaking to attain his goal in life is praiseworthy. 他为实现人生目标所下的苦功是值得称赞的。


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