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启示录 Revelation

类别:双语小说 点击次数:5870 作者: 未知

简介:1:1 [hgb]  耶 稣 基 督 的 启 示 , 就 是 神 赐 给 他 , 叫 他 将 必 要 快 成 的 事 指 示 他 的 众 仆 人 。 他 就 差 遣 使 者 , 晓 谕 他 的 仆 人 约 翰 。    [kjv]  The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto h...

情人的委屈 A Lover‘s Complaint

类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:13206 作者: 莎士比亚 William Shakespeare

简介:A Lover's Complaint is a narrative poem published as an appendix to the original edition of Shakespeare's sonnets. It is given the title 'A Lover's Complaint' in the book, which was published by Thoma...

青鸟 The Blue Bird

类别:儿童英文小说 点击次数:18474 作者: Maurice Maeterlinck

简介:ONCE upon a time, a woodcutter and his wife lived in their cottage on the edge of a large and ancient forest. They had two dear little children who met with a most wonderful adventure But, before ...

气球上的五星期 Five Weeks in a Balloon

类别:英文科幻小说 点击次数:9528 作者: Jules Verne儒勒·凡尔纳

简介:Five Weeks in a Balloon, or, Journeys and Discoveries in Africa by Three Englishmen (French: Cinq semaines en ballon) is an adventure novel by Jules Verne. It is the first Verne novel in which he perf...

劝导 Persuasion

类别:双语小说 点击次数:11332 作者: Jane Austen简·奥斯汀

简介:Persuasion is Jane Austen's last completed novel. She began it soon after she had finished Emma, completing it in August, 1816. She died, aged 41, in 1817; Persuasion was published in December of that...

权力与荣耀 The Power and the Glory

类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:6242 作者: 未知


穷途末路 The End of the Road

类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:5871 作者: John Barth

简介:Exciting, important, a great American novel. John Barth emerged as one of the most exciting and promising novelists of his generation with the publication of his first novel,The Floating Opera . The s...


类别:儿童英文小说 点击次数:13055 作者: 未知


七个尖角阁的老宅 The House of the Seven Gables

类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:4968 作者: 未知

简介:《七个尖角阁的老宅》又名《七个尖角阁的房子》,借用家族诅咒这一古老的哥特传统,描写了品钦家族因祖上谋财害命而使后代遭到报应的故事。 小说对七角阁老宅的描绘,处处充满...

Queen Lucia

类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:1369 作者: 未知

简介:Mrs. Emmeline Lucas of Riseholm is a relentless social climber who rules her small English village with a calculating mind and an iron fist. She is attended at every turn by Peppino, who writes bad po...

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